North Wales Community Health Council

On Monday 8th January 2018's meeting the group were visited by two representitves of The North Wales Community Health Council.

Ms Eleanor Burnham - Chair of the Wrexham Local Committee and Mr Michael Boyle - Flintshire Local Committee member gave a very informative talk regarding the work the NWCHC carries out.

The NWCHC is the community's health services independent watchdog, and represents the voice of patients and the public who use the health service in our area. The role is of great importance given that every person is likely to experience the health service at some time in their lives to varying degrees and in different ways. The NWCHC also play a crucial role in influencing the way that the health services are planned and delivered in our area in order to ensure the best possible health and wellbeing outcomes for the people of North Wales.

The talk was well received by our members and the opportunity to ask questions was well received. 

During the refreshment period both representatives mingled with the members and answered more individual concerns.